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Through photography I can observe and interpret the world around me. My determination is to “scratch” at the surfaces of things, and to make a record of my impressions. To that end, I examine the old and the new, the natural and the artificial, the physical and the spiritual, the sacred and the profane. 

Each image is a part of an evolving body of work. I don’t pursue a singular photographic language or adhere to any particular rules or conventions. The conditions surrounding every subject are different, and I search for ways to capture the feeling of each one. If there is consistency in my work, it is a process of experimentation and a certain level of ambiguity.

Most of the photographs presented here are taken in the southwestern United States (where I grew up), during my travels throughout Europe, and in different parts of Japan and Tokyo (where I currently reside).

Rather than organizing my photos into separate categories (which is the way photography is typically presented) I opted to interweave all of the images into a single series, somewhat chaotic but interconnected (such is life).

The full screen images are shown randomly, in no particular order. Each time you revisit (or refresh the page) the photos will rearrange themselves into a new, random order. This allows for different readings, interpretations, and connections to be made between the images each time they are viewed. The element that remains constant throughout is the 1x1 aspect ratio of each frame, which I chose because of its neutrality and indifference.

I make photos of everything, but ultimately the images are about nothing, or "nothingness". In the end, we live in a world of emptiness and light.

Verl Adams

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